Soil – the most valuabel Resource

Through organic agriculture, we support the self-healing powers of the vines and cultivate the most valuable asset – the soils of our homeland Röschitz.

Our vineyards are not on steep hillsides. They are located on the gentle, curved slopes of Manhartsberg.
The Manhartsberg is formed by the last foothills of the Bohemian Highlands and is composed of granite.

Here at the border to Waldviertel, a transition is made to the so-called tertiary land. 20 million years ago, waves of the tertiary sea were breaking here. Resulting are those sand and sandstone soils, which surface today on the slopes of the primary strata

The more level layers were overlapped with loess more than 10,000 years ago.
This special soil composition creates the optimal terroir for our grapevines.

We cultivate most of our own vineyards around Röschitz, while we also work together with organic winemakers from the surrounding area. Some of our plots are actually quite little,
all in all we have 150 different vineyards. Yes, work in the vineyards is often a real tour de force!
Exactly the small but fine differences in location, soil and microclimate make it possible for us to make a unique, highly diversified selection in fruity, elegant, yet also full-bodied wines.

PDF to the ground – monoliths here for download