WINE-TOUR Weinviertel 2023

WINE-TOUR Weinviertel 2023

15.04.2023 - 16.04.2023
Winery Gruber, Röschitz
BIO to the power of THREE
Craftsmanship, innovation and enthusiasm
Blaich oils - Joseph bread - Gruber wine

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Herbert Blaich from Biohof Blaich in Eggendorf/Walde is our guest with his oil mill.
Oilseeds such as pumpkin, sunflowers, poppies, hemp and thistles are grown on his farm. All these treasures are gently pressed with the utmost care and processed into oils of the highest quality.
Get an idea of ​​real craftsmanship and the finest culinary delights on site.
Honest bread enjoyment from the organic bread manufacturer JOSEPH from Burgschleinitz is also available to taste!
...and of course the whole variety of our organic wines.

With the wine tour ribbon for EUR 30 (incl. 2 x EUR 6 wine shopping vouchers) wines can be tasted at all wine tour vintners. The ribbon is valid on both days and is available from the participating winegrowers.

WEINTOUR-OPENING in RETZ - Friday, April 14th, 2023 - in the Weinquartier

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