The Gruber Siblings

We go further together

… and work with each other for one collective goal: To make authentic wines in our homeland  Röschitz in Weinviertel.
Whether in the vineyards, cellar or marketing, we share the work and prosper together. All along the way, we have been inspired and supported by our parents and grandparents. That’s right, it is FAMILY BUSINESS.


Since 2013, we have been using organic methods to cultivate the various plots of land in our winery. We do it out of conviction, not because it is in fashion. The extra work it demands (and less yield) reimburses us with more identity and character in our wines: Allowing nature to take the reins, we promote the self-healing powers of the vines to support the most valuable resources – the soils of our homeland  Röschitz.

The grapes ripen earlier, produce less sugar and alcohol, need less sulfur and provide for fresh, long-lived and straightforward wines.


The philosophy of the cellar master.

I follow the development of my wines with anticipation. But try to rarely intervene. What I need are healthy grapes and time.

I want to bring the wine gently, without frills into the bottle.

Moreover, I Iike to experiment and learn through this process to understand wine better. Wines of the BLACK VINTAGE series evolved in this way.

Exciting wines are created that need time.


Have you already tasted it?

We are serious about feeling good and pleasure.
At events in our winery, visitors can experience our wine directly. Here, my creativity has no limits.

When I am not occupied with administrative tasks in the office, you can usually find me at trade exhibitions or customer events (as far as my three little daughters allow!)

Meanwhile, wine lovers around the world – in 18 countries, to be more precise – appreciate the independant character of our wines. We were able to gain Franz Hofstätter ( as export manager and experienced partner.

… By the way, I still love our wine spirits!


It begins in the vineyard…

I am responsible for taking care of the vineyards.
Yes, I spend lots of time in nature,

as I always have.

Already as a little child, I explored the neighborhood in my rubber boots. Nowadays I listen to what nature has to say to me.

The transition to organic farming has made me more aware.

Business hours

Monday – Thursday
from 08:00 – 12:00 o’clock
and 13:00 – 17:00 o`clock
from 08:00 – 12:00 o’clock
and 13:00 – 18:00 o`clock

Saturday by appointment  

Our winery is closed Sunday and holidays.

On these days, you can also find our wines at ex-winery prices in the nearby wine shops:

– W4, Ziegelstadel 1, 3743 Röschitz
– Weinquartier, Hauptplatz 4, 2070 Retz